Perth artist Michelle Fisher, known as Monday, places ethereal beauties in surreal settings as a fantastical representation of her every day.  Her work takes inspiration from folktales and the parallels that can be drawn between old tales and modern life. Influenced by illustrators of the Golden Age, Renaissance painters and the delicate works of traditional Chinese paper cutting, she creates dream-like worlds for her female characters as a way of illustrating her own hopes, fears and daydreams.

Select Exhibitions

2016 - 'Restyle x In Bloom 2016' Carillon City, Perth (Group)
2016 – 'Making Waves' Studio 281 Gallery, Maylands (Group)
2016 – 'Cord Fundraiser: Take a Seat' Perth City Farm, Perth (Group)
2015 – 'Valley of the Night Flowers' Linton & Kay Galleries, Perth (Group)
2015 – 'Fantasies' Colosoul, Perth (Group)
2015 – '25 Under 25' Moore's Contemporary Art Gallery, Fremantle (Group)
2015 – ‘Public Salon 2015’ FORM, Victoria Park (Group)
2014 – ‘Kinko Piano’ The Ellington, Perth (Group)
2014 – ‘pARTy’ Studio 2, Leederville (Group)
2014 – ‘Illustrate’ Kidogo Gallery, Fremantle (Group)
2014 – ‘Simon Says’ The Bird, Perth (Solo)
2013 – ‘RAW Encompass’, The Bakery, Perth (Group)
2013 – ‘Block 2’ ArtLab’s Occupy Pop-Up, Perth (Group)

Live Painting Events

2015 – Art Games Skirmish at FORM Public Salon Launch Party
2015 – Oasis Ball Campaign Brief Awards
2015 – Secret Walls at Emergence Creative Festival
2015 – Secret Walls ‘Girls vs Boys’ at Stirling Summerset
2015 – Secret Walls + Red Bull Curates ‘Noodle Wars’ at Noodle Palace, Fringe World
2014 – Secret Walls ‘Mural Gallery’ at CoLAB Festival


Australian Burlesque Museum Colouring Book, 2017
The Sketchbook Project World Tour
Published by Princeton Architectural Press, 2015
Akute Magazine Issue 6, 2014
Loser Unit Issue 1, 2014


Perth Culture – 'An Interview with Monday'
Mamamia – ‘This is how to tell a story with no words at all
The Rabbit Hole - 'The Valley of the Nightflowers'


Finalist City of Fremantle's 25 [visual artists] under 25 [years of age] 2015
RAW Perth Visual Artist of the Year 2013


Of ‘Simon Says’ Solo Exhibition:

“The @mondaysfish exhibition at the @william_street_bird is stunning.”
— On William

 “You certainly couldn’t say there’s not a lot of great art exhibits happening in Perth at the moment. Love this piece!”
— Perth Life